1968 Pontiac Firebird Classic Antique Car

Vehicle TypeClassic Antique Car
Model Type..
Stock No.19104

I purchased this car from and elderly woman in 1998. When I purchased the car, it was in need of body work. Due to old weather-stripping around the trunk, the floor panels of the trunk were rusted, both quarter panels were rusted, the rear bumper had been dented and the general outward appearance of the car was fair. Despite these problems, the car ran great and I believed it would be a great car to fix up. I had a professional in auto body repair who had a good reputation with doing quality work do the restoration. The body work was $3,500, details $1,000, new top was $500, and new verdoro green paint job was $5,000. This was completed in June of this year.The engine is the original 400 cubic inch with the block number being 486150 YT. It has a great deep sound with clean exhaust, doesn?t burn oil. I am unsure of the mileage. The odometer reads 21,457, but may have turned over. This car has spent a lot of time sitting. The person I purchased the car from drove it 10 minutes to work for the first ten years and then parked it for ten years in the garage and another ten years on the front yard. I drove it for one year when I first purchased it. It has been stored in a garage ever since.The interior of the car is all original except for the carpet and head liner. It is in good condition, and has only a few flaws It still has the original air conditioner (not installed), but it doesn?t work and I?ve never had it looked at.The outward appearance of the car looks great after the body work. There is a new black top on it. The rear bumper has been replaced and the front bumper has been re-chromed. It still has the tires I purchased it with. I cleaned up the original wheel covers. The firebird decals have also been replaced. The car was completely sanded down and repainted the original verdoro green. All the rust areas have been completely repaired with the body work. The trunk has been painted with a rust proof paint, but needs to be carpeted. The car comes with the original spare with full sized rim and original jack and iron. The owner?s manual is in good condition and the original invoice has been professionally framed.

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