80′s Sports Car A Number One Choice

1980′s is considered as a revolution in the automobile sports industry with so many makers manufacturing some very most exquisite sports car of all time. These cars can now be brought from classic car market as it has got great demand in the classic car segment. Car aficionados have craze for such cars of the past. 1980′s sports car flaunts sporty engine and stylish body which not only improves the overall performance but is also pleasing to eyes. These cars are even priced on the basis of fuel mileage, make and engine of the car. Earlier these cars came with power packed engine that deployed more emissions but to meet the stricter emissions regularity these engines were then decreased to turbo engine that generated more hp and deployed lower emissions.  Turbo engines of 1980’s still inspire many engines of today’s generation. With turbo engine these cars received good fuel efficiency as well.

GM the number one automaker of that time employed V8 engine in many of its models like Trans Am, Camaro, Regal, Corvette and Cutlass. All these cars were although not popular for their V8 powered engine but were known as those cars which if properly tuned can give overwhelming power. Later with this revolutionary start even Buick stepped into the competition with manufacturing Grand National that generated super performance from its hood. This Buick was powered by V6 engine that generated ample power to race any sports car of that time.  With the success story of GM and Buick even Pontiac came with a tough contender that is TTA and Fiero, TTA stands for Turbo Trans Am.

After this came a new revolution in the automobile industry that is Ford Mustang. Ford Mustang was powered by V8 engine that came along with SVO. This car used its 4 cylinder engine of Turbo to generate power under its hood. Later Thunderbird was offered with turbo charged and supercharged engine. Then this power plant was even assembled on Lightening Ford truck that was offered as All Wheel Drive model. Later Mitsubishi and Dodge was assembled with turbo charged charger this car made ample power and was even light in weight.

Nissan was no where behind in this race and introduced the 300ZX and 240 SX. Dastun 240, 280 z, 260 and 280 zx shared the same platform.

Toyota’s Celia and Supra performed outstandingly. This is one if the most modified cars of that generation. Honda produced light weight cars in order to increase the efficiency and performance of the car. Prelude and CRX were Honda’s answer for other competitor cars.

BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche even made similar cars in this segment but theses cars were more focused towards the luxury segment.

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