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January 30 was a very big day for classic car aficionados. More than 10 classic and vintage cars made the visitors go crazy. These cars were of different shapes and sizes. These vintage models were basically from the late 1940′s and of those times.

This Classic auto show featured Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Chevrolet Nova and many other vintage cars of the earlier times. This auto show was conducted at 4th HMCI (Delhi-based Heritage Motoring Club of India) National Autojumble in Sultanpur area at Delhi.

This vintage car show was organized by HMCI (Heritage Motoring Club of India). More than 200 car aficionados had attended the event and were pleased by the heritage red, yellow and black cars in its parking lot. Many of these cars were also for sale and attracted many buyers.

Mr. Shaurya Singh who is proud owner of a black Land Rover from 1960. Mr. Shaurya Singh also commented that “this car has got a diesel engine which gives an average mileage of 8 to 10 is just like branded other cars in this Auto Show. He even added “parts are not available so we have to look through junk shops for auto parts. Most of the parts are brought from Darjeeling because Darjeeling has got more Land Rovers. Heritage Motoring Club of India had invited classic car owners from all over India.

Mr. K.T.S. Tulsi, HMCI, President commented “this is the perfect platform for all vintage car lovers who wants to see some of the rarest cars in the world. This platform even gives opportunities to those vintage car owners who want to sell their cars.  This auto show even encourages classic car dealers and traders to increase their business. Many of these cars are owned by heritage and royal families of India. These cars are actually a piece of junk which are transformed and modified into the world’s best classic cars”.

Mr. Tulsi even commented that these cars come from different states of the country. This car show even helps many users to get specific parts for their car which are very rare to find nowadays. Rajesh Gupta is one such dealer who deals in classic car parts he has got a wide collection of parts collected from different states of India. He even takes order for vintage car auto parts and then delivers those parts to its users.

Rajesh Gupta, dealer, Vintage car parts, also commented that “parts include temperature meters, tool kits, speedometers, headlights, horns, Etc. These parts are quiet costly but still have demand therefore we have to keep those pats because of its increasing demand.

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