Easy Fixing of frequent Classic Car problems

Classic cars even face problems like any other cars of this generation. These problems can be physical, Technical or Mechanical issues related to classic car. Maintaining and servicing Classic cars at regular intervals is the key formula to give your old vintage car longer engine life and durability.

Below are some most commonly faced problems by classic ca owners:
  • Oil leak- Not only in classic cars but this issue is widely faced by owners all over the world. Leaks usually occur in front seals, main seals and in valve covers. By replacing the old parts which are actually the reason for leaks can help you to have improved performance and life of the engine.
  • Doors and window rubber seals- The rubber seals which are lactated at the doors and windows often tend to get worn out easily. After exposure from sun, rain, winds etc the rubber parts get worn out easily. Rubber seals on windows and doors blocks external elements like dust etc from entering inside the car. Remove the rubber seal if you find they are not of any use further by using a knife. The residual glue should be cleaned by denatured alcohol before fitting in new rubber seal. Regular cleaning of this seal with vinyl treatment item will give longer life to it.
  • Regular cleaning, polishing and waxing should be done from both interior and exterior in order t maintain the looks of the car. Care should be taken for both interior and exterior only then the car will be pleasing to eyes. Using fine buffing products for polishing can help you to give longer paint life. This will reduce the overall cost which was earlier spending on touch ups.
  • Using chrome meant cleaner will not only give it a fresh new shiny look but will also prevent it from rusting. Chrome cleaners are now available and are widely used for cleaning chromes all over the world.
  • Oiling auto parts- Oiling auto pats and engine will allow it to have durability and reliability as it will be then ready for ever wear and tear.

Maintaining classic cars with proper oiling and cleaning at regular intervals will give longer life and less maintenance.

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