FAQ for buying Classic Ferrari Cars

How Much Are Ferrari Cars?

That’s a question with more than one answer. Modern Ferrari cars cost in excess of $200,000, depending on what model you choose. Vintage Ferraris, especially the iconic models and those with a rich racing background, usually fetch upward of $1 million, with some even going beyond the $20-million mark. However, the less popular models tend to cost less than the modern ones, with a few good nameplates available for less than $150,000. Again, depending on mileage, specs, and racing history.

Where Are Ferrari Cars Made?

Ferrari’s factory is located in Maranello, a small town in Northern Italy. Maranellos is some 11 miles from Modena, the city were Enzo Ferrari first started making race cars for Alfa Romeo.

When Did Ferrari Start Making Cars?

Ferrari started making race cars under the Scuderia Ferrari name in 1929, but these vehicles were raced at Alfa Romeos. Following Enzo’s departure from Alfa Romeo, Enzo built his first race car under the Auto Avio Costruzioni name in 1940. Enzo wasn’t allowed to build cars under his name until 1943 due to a legal dispute with Alfa Romeo. The first race car with a Ferrari badge, the 125 S, rolled out the assembly line in 1947. And that’s pretty much the official year when Ferrari started making cars. The first Ferrari road car, the 166 Inter, was introduced in 1949.

How Many Cars Does Ferrari Sell Per Year?

Ferrari is now selling more than 10,000 cars per year. After years of having a production limit of just 7,000 cars per year, Ferrari expanded production to meet the high demand under recent chairmen Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann. In 2019, Ferrari sold 10,131 cars, surpassing the 10K mark for the first time in history.

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