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With 2 seats Sports Car gaining maximum popularity and recognition. Lotus cars launched Lotus Elise a two seat sports car which had a very powerful engine and lightweight body. Lotus Elise is powered by 1.8 liter Yamaha built and Toyota sourced engine. Lotus Elise designs are inspired by Old Lotus Cars. It has a 4 cylinder engine that generates 189 horsepower. O to 60 can be achieved in 4 seconds.  Standard Lotus Elise comes with anti lock brakes, air conditioning for convenience CD audio surround system and anti lock brakes. Lotus Elise is a light weight sports car which can be used for daily functionality.

Latest Lotus Elise is a 2 seat mid based engine roadster which is available only in 1 trim level. Lotus Elise is powered by 1.8 liter, 4 cyl engine which is paired to 6 speed manual transmission. This generates 189 horsepower @7800 rotations per minute. Safety features include antilock brakes with optional traction control, lacks stability control and sideairbags.

  • Power packed engine.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Power steering.
  • Stability control.
  • Lacks luxury features.
  • Side airbags.
Final Verdict:

If you want more excitement and thrilling driving experience then the Lotus Elise is the perfect rollercoaster ride.

Lotus Esprit Roadz Tuning

1980 Lotus Esprit Roadz Tuning was powered by twin Dell’ Ortos smaller twin engine, that produced 201 horsepower and maximum torque of 160 lb ft . This turbo engine had lubrication which was dry sump. The car was redesigned and many advanced features were added for buyers convenience. The design and body of the car was totally changed and it had got upgraded chassis which was galvanized. These chassis had customized mounting suspension points and wider front box. Lotus Esprit Roadz Tuning new engine reduced vibration and gave more power. Esprit had got new engineered customized wishbone suspension by Lotus expertise for rear and upper link which was redesigned.

  • Better handling.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Lacks smooth gear shift.
  • Non economical in terms of price.
  • Bad fuel economy.
Final Verdict:

Lotus Esprit Roadz Tuning is one of the best super sports cars which can also compete the Ferrari and Porsche. It still remains the number one Old Lotus cars in super sports car segment. Old Lotus Cars are some of the best cars in this segment.

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