Old Mercury Cars – Truly a Collector’s Choice

If you are looking to mix pleasure with retro styled looks then Old Mercury Cars is not at all a bad idea to fulfill your passion for classic cars. Old Mercury Cars are some of the well known cars in the automobile industries. Old Mercury Cars are known for their state of the art technology and exquisite body designs which made it one if the most appealing cars of all times. Old Mercury Cars were manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company. This was a premium car by Mercury which gave Ford world wide recognition.

Mercury Montclair is a full size sedan which was offered in 2 door hardtop, convertible and 4 door hardtop models. Mercury Montclair has got 119 in wheelbase and had a curb weight of 3,490 lbs to 3,725 lbs. This version at that time was offered for $2,600 to $2,900 depending on the features and amenities which were offered. Mercury Montclair was first debuted in the year 1955. Mercury Montclair is a one of the best cars that was even successful and came with wide range of amenities and safety features at economical price. It was even offered with features like Extra chrome trims, dual exhaust, rear view mirrors, fender skirts and dual chrome.

Contrasting color panels made it even more appealing to its users. Mercury Montclair is one of the best selling economical sedans that came at effective price and powerful engine.

1956 Mercury Montclair was powered by 312 cu in, V8 engine that generated 225 horsepower and 312 cu in, V8 engine which was combined with four barrel carburetor this engine generated 335 horsepower. This engine was mated with 3 speed Merc O Matic transmission.

More than 7,762 convertible models were sold, 50,562 examples were sold and the hardtop model more than 23,493 examples were sold during its overall lifespan.

Final Verdict :

Mercury Montclair is truly a collector’s choice as it comes with powerful engine and exquisite body designs.

Mercury Cougar is known for its state of the art technology and par elegance which was offered as standard technology to its users. Mercury Cougar this car came with powerful engine and luxurious features in the interior. Mercury Cougar XR-7 had 111 in Wheel base. Mercury Cougar XR-7 lush interior made it more appealing to the masses. It came with more enhanced softer suspension which made the overall ride more pleasurable.

1967 Mercury Cougar was offered with 289 cu in, V8 engine this was combined with 2 barrel carburetor and single exhaust. This engine generated 200 horsepower. This car was even offered with Supercharged 289 cu in, V8 engine that came with 4 barrel carburetor and multiple exhausts. This engine engineered 225horsepower. Another engine option was the Mercury Cougar 390 cu in, V8 engine which generated 320 horsepower. The engines were mated with 3 speed automatic, 3 speed manual and 4 speed manual transmission.

Final Verdict :

Mercury Cougar unique styling and exquisite exterior makes this car more appealing and demanding as compared to other available cars of that ere. This car has still got great demand in the classic car market.

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