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Old Plymouth Cars are manufactured and marketed by Chrysler Division. Old Plymouth Cars are some of the best cars that have got huge demand in the classic car market, as these cars are very rare to find.

Plymouth Valiant is one of the best Old Plymouth Cars because of its unique body styling and power packed engine. 1965 Plymouth Valiant when it was introduced was launched as an expensive car with all latest features and powerful engine. Plymouth Valiant was offered with 4 engines and 3 body styles. This is one of the highly restored vehicles in US.

Plymouth Valiant had 170 cu in, slant 6 cylinder engine which was the standard option. Other available engines were the 250 cu in, slant engine and 273 cu in, V8 engine that was combined with 4 barrel carburetor.

Plymouth Valiant was available in
  • 2 door sedan
  • 4 door sedans
  • 4 door wagons
  • Convertibles

Convertible model was offered with 6 cylinder, V8 engine.

Final Verdict :

Plymouth Valiant is one of the best cars of Plymouth that has got great demand in the classic car segment.

Plymouth Duster is a small car which was first introduced in 1960. This small car gained a lot of attention from car buyers all over the world. Plymouth Duster has got 198cu in, in line, 6 cylinder engine that generates 125 hp, another engine option was the 225 cu in, inline 6 cylinder engine that generated 145 hp. Lter in 1972 a 318 cu in, V8 engine generated 230 hp. one of the best selling models of Plymouth Duster had 340 cu in, V-8 engine that generated 240 hp. Plymouth Duster is a 5 passenger 2 door coupe. It has got 188.4 in length

Final Verdict :

Plymouth Duster is the best selling small car that has got superior engine and durable body.

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