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Rolls Royce is a car manufacturing company that manufactures high end luxury cars which is assembled with the best possible powerful engine and durable body. Old Rolls Royce Cars such as ‘Silver Ghost’ which was manufactured in 1907 are still in good conditions. Old Rolls Royce Cars has a huge demand not only in the used car market but even in the Antique and classic car market. Old Rolls Royce Cars is not only considered as a heritage car but it is even looked as cars that can get you tremendous respect and attention when on road.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is luxury British saloon automotive which is manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars which is based in London. Rolls Royce Silver Spirit was first debuted in 1980s

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit even came in large wheelbase version. This model was named as Silver Spur. Both the cars were released during the same period. Rolls Royce Silver Spirit was the car that flaunted the original Ecstasy Spirit for the very first time.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit was available in 2 body types.

  • Two door Saloon.
  • Four door saloon.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Mark 1 was the 1st generation models of Silver Spirit

Silver Spirit Mark 1 began in 1980 and was continued till 1989.

Then the Mark II was launched. Silver Spirit Mark II production began in 1989 and continued till 1993.

This engine was powered by 6.75 Liter, V8 Rolls-Royce engine. This engine was mated with automatic 4 speed transmission.

Then the Mark III was launched which were the official stretched limos. Its production began in 1993 and was continued till 1994. The engine was powered by 6.75 Liter, V8 engine. Even this engine was paired with automatic 4 speed transmission.

Then the Mark IV was debuted in 1994. This was the 4th generation Silver Spirit from Rolls Royce. Even this engine was powered by 6.75 Liter, V8 engine and was paired with automatic 4 speed transmission for better accelerating experience.

Final Verdict:

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit were some of the best Luxury saloon from Rolls Royce that created a history in the Rolls Royce books. This car had all the style factor along with powerful engine and luxurious cabin.

Rolls Royce Flatback was again some of the high end luxurious cars from Rolls Royce that were globally recognized for its powerful engine. Rolls Royce Flatback had the latest features of that time which distinguished it from other luxury cars. Rolls Royce Flatback cars still have a huge demand in the second hand as well as classic and antique car markets.

Final Verdict:

Rolls Royce Flatback is a low maintenance car that is a complete value for money product that gives all the latest amenities with user friendly designs and all safety features.

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