Rolls Royce Phantom Definitely Lush Macho

Rolls Royce this luxury car automaker began its destiny in 1904, with the launch of their first car known as Rolls Royce 10. The numerical name was derived from 10 horsepower which the car flaunted. Rolls Royce is one of the greatest and globally recognized manufacturers in the automobile industry. If you want a new meaning for luxury then Rolls Royce is not a bad option at all. Rolls Royce cars expertise has always put great efforts and has come up with many state of the art technologies. These innovations were then copied and inspired many features of today’s generation. Rolls Royce is one of the leading automaker of luxury cars which are world famous and have got a huge consumer base all over the world.

Over the year’s Rolls Royce some very famous models were the Silver Ghost, Silver Spirit and Silver Cloud. These were some of the golden era cars had created a huge buzz in the automobile industry. Current Rolls Royce models are Phantom and Ghost. Phantom is one of the most durable and luxurious models which is quiet popular among big players. Silver Ghost got its name because of quiet ghostly engine. Both the cars are hand crafted that means not all the parts are built with hands but majority of the parts are assembled with hands. Once a particular model is assembled then they have to go through rigorous testing and only they are distributed to various dealers all over the globe. Rolls Royce has experience of more than a century in their pockets which makes them some of the best leading automakers of luxury vehicles.  Current Rolls Royce Phantom is one if the best selling cars of this maker. Phantom is available in 4 different models

  • Regular Phantom.
  • Phantom Drophead Coupe.
  • Extended Wheelbase Phantom.
  • Phantom Coupe.

Rolls Royce Phantom first generation model was first introduced in 1925 since then this car is a blockbuster.

All the models are combined with good quality auto parts that make the Rolls Royce stand out. Luxury amenities and quality built auto parts makes it the king of all cars when on road. Rolls Royce Expertise has put in a lot of efforts and their efforts are surely well paid with this model. The designers of this car have given this car the impression of being in motion. This is another feature that makes the car so appealing an eye catching. Rolls Royce Logo and the classic Grille that defines Rolls Royce is what distinguish this car from any other car on road.  The rectangular shaped headlights give this car a macho look. Exquisite body design and luxury amenities are what make this car the prince in the luxury segment. Although Rolls Royce Phantom is slightly high priced this car is definitely worth the price.  Rolls Royce Phantom is powered by 6.75 liter, V12 engine. This engine is definitely a powerful yet silent engine which makes the ride even more pleasurable. Phantom is one such car which takes Rolls Royce to the next generation. Rolls Royce Phantom is speedy vehicle that if the user is a speed enthusiast then this car can make the user talk to winds. Rolls Royce is one of the well known names in the automobile industry which has got a wide range of products under its line. Rolls Royce Phantom’s latest model was launched in 2008.

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