Vintage Car Rally- Don’t Miss

Vintage car lovers now have chance to know all the royal vintage cars, their owners, history and heritage from all over the world  this February in Assam.

It showcases the rarest vehicles with all the classic car models and designs that will inspire every retro lover.

This vintage car rally will flaunt classic cars like 1936 Morris 8, 1908 Ford Model T and many jeeps that were used in World War II.

February 6 is the date where you can find all the ultimate classic as well as many title winning, Chevrolet, Ford and Lotus sports Cars of those time which are very rare to find.

More than 40 cars are participating which are imported from different parts of the world along with their privileged owners. These cars would flaunt their titles and the owners would tell in short the history of their cars.

Every car is not less than their family members to its users as they would take special care and would maintain it at any cost.

Well maintained classic car would get a prize from the governor of the state.

It is actually organized for tourism development in the state of Assam. This event will promote Assam tourism as it will attract retro car lovers from all over the world.

The rally will start from Nehru Stadium; it will cover the whole city and then finally end at Assam Engineering field located in Chandmari.

This vintage car rally will actually be a platform for the upcoming events that includes beach festival that will be held in March. Assam Winter Festival that will be held in January next year will also be promoted at this event. This event showcases the vibrant taste, dance and cuisines of Assam.

If you are a retro lover then here is the perfect chance to know all the legendary cars of your father’s and grandfather’s time.

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